The Cassi ergonomic stand and mobile holder for eBooks, ipad and tablet PCs. The Cassi is a great product to make viewing and working on your eBook much more comfortable. Position your eBook in 6 angles creating a gentle slope for typing comfort or raise screen for enhanced viewing. The Cassi can also be rotated 360 degrees so you can easily share content with family and friends without removing the e-book from its holder. The Cassi is small, compact and lightweight, it weighs just over 200grams. The Cassi is the perfect portable choice for mobile computing from Spire – Powered by Innovation.
Manufacturer: Spire
SKU: YAC0012
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€1.27 excl tax
* Gentle slope to raise screen, 6 angel screen positioning
* Elevated anti-slip protective, rubber pads on the base
* 360 degree rotation for content sharing and easy viewing
* Portable and lightweight, just over 200 grams
* Easy on the go and working on the road
* Stylish, strong and innovative structure design
* Compatibe with ipad, eBook and tablet PC

Spire Cassi SP316PL Mobile Holder

€1.27 excl tax