The PowerWalker Solar Inverter SKY series is a multi-functional on-grid inverter, combining features of inverter, solar charger and battery management to offer uninterruptable power supply. Its advanced touch LCD offers user-configurable and easy-accessible operation such as battery charging current and AC/ PV charger priority.
Manufacturer: Powerwalker
SKU: PIN0009
Manufacturer part number: 10120229
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€931.36 excl tax
Model: Solar Inverter 3600 SKY OGN
SKU: 10120229

Modern hybrid solar inverter, with advanced touch LCD
Configurable ambient LED lighting for every status change
Maximal PV peak power 5000W with MPPT charger type technology
Can be operated in parallel, up to 9 units
Pure Sine Wave Output
Strong configurable AC/ PV (Solar) charger
Works perfectly with our ESS – LiFe Battery System 48-100
Manage your solar inverter with the smartphone App: SolarPower

PowerWalker Solar Inverter 3600 SKY OGN Art. No.10120229

€931.36 excl tax