Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers Time Delay function eliminates transients that can affect connected equipment Microprocessor Control guarantees high reliability
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The PowerWalker AVR SIV series are automatic voltage regulators with selectable input voltage 150-270VAC or wide 110-280VAC. It provides output voltage within allowed limit of +/-10% (207-253VAC) through boost and buck stabilizers.

The built-in thermal sensor provides over-temperature protection and recover, while abnormal situation is eliminated. The device works in following modes depending on input voltage:
Input 252-270/280V – buck mode -10% in regards to input voltage
Input 207-252VAC – normal operation
Input 173-211VAC – first boost +20%
Input 110/150-178VAC – second boost +40%
Input <110VAC in wide range or <150VAC in normal mode – AVR off.
Additionally you can turn on protection delay function which will increase protection reaction time from 10s to 3 minutes for less sensitive devices.

PowerWalker AVR 3000 SIV Static Converto r Art. No. 10120307

€130.08 excl tax