Desk lamp with built-in wireless charger Media-Tech presents a wireless charger for smartphones (5V 1A, 5W, QI standard) built into an elegant, energy-saving WIRELESS CHARGING LAMP MT221 desk lamp with an adjustable brightness level. The WIRELESS CHARGING LAMP has a modern and original design, thanks to which it will fit into the decor of an office or room.
Manufacturer: Mediatech
SKU: KSL0016
Manufacturer part number: MT221K
Availability: 3 in stock
€23.90 excl tax

Wireless charger: 5V 1A, 5W QI standard
AC charger: 5V, 3A
With built-in energy-saving desk lamp
54 LEDs, 5W
4 colors, 9 levels of brightness, adjustable with touch buttons
Tluminous temperature: 2700-6500K +/- 250K
Automatic shutdown timers: 1 and 2 hours
Central luminance up to 800LUX
Charging range: up to 6mm
USB-A output: 5V, 0,5A
Power supply: 5V / 3A power supply
Dimensions: 375 x 120 x 255 mm
Weight: 642g

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Mediatech Wireless Charging Lamp MT221K LED energy saving desk lamp with QI wireless induction charger Black

€23.90 excl tax