LANCOOL 216 optional accessory To control the lighting effects of the front fans Additional 2 USB 3.0 ports
Manufacturer: Lian Li
SKU: CAC0007
Manufacturer part number: LAN216-1X
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€14.83 excl tax

Fan Blade Lighting Effect Mode Press KEY_1
Fan Blade Lighting Effect Color Press KEY_3
Fan Rim Lighting Effect Mode Press KEY_2
Fan Rim Lighting Effect Color Press KEY_4
MB Sync Press KEY_1 or
KEY_2 for 3 seconds Blink white color 3 times and pass control to the motherboard
Quit MB Sync Press KEY_1 or
KEY_2 once
Combine Fan Blades + Rim Press KEY_1 +
KEY_2 together
for 3 seconds
Key_2 & Key_4 are NOT functional
Combination Lighting Effect Mode: Press Key_1
Combination Lighting Effect Color: Press Key_3
MB Sync: Press KEY_1 for 3 seconds
Remove Combination Press again KEY_1
+ KEY_2 together for
3 seconds

Lian Li LAN216-1X USB Module w/ ARGB Control

€14.83 excl tax