Lanberg's LAN / RJ-45 splitter is a solution that allows you to separate a single network cable into two devices. For this device to work properly you have to have 2 splitters. First connect 1st adapter to 2 devices (e.g. 2 PCs). Next please connect the outgoing cable from the first adapter to the 2nd one. Another 2 devices you have to connect to the second adapter.
Manufacturer: Lanberg
SKU: NAD0057
Manufacturer part number: AD-0026-S
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- Connectors: RJ-45,
- 1st connector type: RJ-45 male,
- 2nd connector type: RJ-45 female,
- 3rd connector type: RJ-45 female,
- Independent of the platform,
- 100 Mbps data transmission on 2 separate connections.
- Bi-directional transmission with maximum speed using 4-pair cable connection.

Lanberg FTP RJ45 CAT5e Splitter (RJ45 -> 2xRJ45) AD-0026-S

€3.05 excl tax